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March 21, 2003
WAR: Tush Hour

I have to say that reports that "anti-war" protestors were holding up traffic in the evening rush hour (to say nothing of the rest of their antics). . . that just staggered me. I mean, nobody who has both a job and a family could ever consider doing such a thing. Keep hard-working people from their families? By definition, such a protest reveals its complete unfamiliarity with the lives of people who work for a living. Which is unsurprising. Of course, a lot of the protestors are just that -- protestors, professional malcontents or mentally incurious college students, people whose interest in protesting far exceeds their concern for whatever it is they happen to be protesting for or against.

Maybe I'm overreacting here because I work long hours and would hate like hell to be prevented by these goons from seeing my children before their bedtime . . . but, well, I should be indignant. This is wrong. And it's proof that the protests are basically just a way of lashing out at the whole world of jobs, families, and yes, responsibilities. The world of people who don't take a dump in the street.

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