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March 15, 2003
POP CULTURE: Saw Doctors Rock!

Well, one non-baseball entry . . . I went to see the Saw Doctors last night at Irving Plaza in lower Manhattan. (Apparently, according to their website, the Galway-based band played at a St. Patrick's Day luncheon the day before in DC for President Bush, Dennis Hastert, and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern). They put on a raucous show, and you can't beat a small venue like that.

Frankly, there's no rational reason why the Saw Doctors aren't international superstars; they're that good, and their mainstream pop-rock sound could appeal to basically any audience other than hard-core hip-hoppers or metalheads. I only recently got into them, so I didn't know all their songs, but most of the ones I hadn't heard were catchy enough to sing along to or at least keep time with after one verse. Probably the most similar recent American band is the Gin Blossoms (who are, by the way, still touring some 6-7 years after their second and last album), but the Saw Doctors' up-tempo stuff is a bit livelier.

The crowd looked to be overwhelmingly Irish-American, as you would imagine, and there was particular enthusiasm for some of the band's blood-and-soil anthems to their native land. There's an exceptionally strong, romantic attachment to Ireland among second- and third-generation Irish-Americans; it's not just the Irish, of course (Italian-Americans, among others, have a similar pull to their Old Country). But it's mistaken to see it as something artificial; there's still a deep emotional attachment, even for people who have never laid eyes on the land of their ancestors.

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