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January 03, 2003
BASEBALL: Robert Johnson's Expos

Billionaire BET founder Robert Johnson's rumored bid to buy the Expos and move them to DC is nothing but good news for baseball. Granted, DC may not be the best market, but anything is better than the current charade in Montreal. Hopefully, Johnson is putting the word out NOW that he doesn't want the Expos dismembered; there's just no reason the team should be looking to dump stud starting pitchers Bartolo Colon and Javier Vazquez. I don't know enough about Johnson to know whether he's a Steinbrenner/Mark Cuban win-at-all-costs owner, a Pohlad/Lindner type cheapskate, or something in between. But if he's choosing the market he'll be hard-pressed to cry poverty if it doesn't support his team.

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