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October 29, 2002

You hate to link to the same people every day, but I laughed so hard at Lileks' Bleat this morning I almost fell off my chair. He takes on the Pet Shop Boys, Avril Lavigne, and Walter Mondale, and likes only one of the three. A taste of his observations on Mondale: "I was a hardcore Democrat [in 1984], and I remember watching the [convention] speech and thinking: we are going to lose. We are going to lose 51 states. Puerto Rico will demand statehood just for the chance not to vote for this guy. . . [Now] I just feel sorry for the guy. If he wins, he has to leave home, leave his family, leave his nice job, and go back to the ossuary of the Senate for six years. One night heíll find himself staring at the lovely ceiling, listening to Robert Byrd drone on - for heavenís sake he was talking when I left and twenty years later he still hasnít shut up . . ."

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