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October 22, 2002
RELIGION: Historical Jesus

Fox News on archeological evidence of the historical Jesus. Debate over whether the man was also God, that's what a free conscience is for, but I don't understand the theory that Jesus the man didn't even exist. Given the scope and power of the phenomenon of Christianity and its rapid spread in the Roman Empire, what's the opposite explanation - mass hysteria?

This passage, however, is interesting on a couple of levels: "The ossuary's owner required Lemaire to shield his identity, so the box's location was not revealed. . . Shanks said the owner bought the box about 15 years ago from an Arab antiquities dealer in Jerusalem who said it was unearthed south of the Mount of Olives." I can understand why you would be skeptical of the antiquities dealer, who has an interest in playing up the Biblical connection and probably little reason to know where the thing has been the past 2000 years. I can also understand why someone living in Israel would be hesitant to be identified publicly as owner of a Christian relic, given the way the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was treated.

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