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September 20, 2002
RELIGION: Jesus the Carnivore

Yesterday's Best of the Web included this link to an item in which PETA claims that Jesus was an "ethical vegetarian." Now, if you aren't into red meat, pork or chicken, maybe there's room for speculation, since as far as I recall Jesus isn't mentioned one way or another with those foods -- as a Jew, it's unlikely He ate pork, regardless of His other assertions about the need to move on to the New Covenant. I don't think they mention what was served at Cana or the Last Supper other than bread and wine (yes, alcohol - He even made some for the wedding feast). But I'm certain that PETA's definition of a vegetarian includes not eating fish, and there are clearly several instances in the Gospels of Jesus eating fish and sharing it with others. And besides, I doubt that many of the PETA folks are big Christians - they're more likely atheists or pantheists trying to score debating points with people who undoubtedly know their New Testament far better than PETA.

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