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September 17, 2002
WAR: Roots

Mark Steyn is in the zone again, mocking Canadian P.M. Cretien and the whole monotonous 'root cause' crowd, including a certain former President:

"Call me an "arrogant cowboy" but I honestly think I am blameless for the First Crusade. It was 1095. That's 907 years. Even Paula Jones would have settled. By comparison, the Japanese fought a filthy war, beheading the 22 British watchkeepers on Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands and burning their bodies in a pit, but less than 60 years later, Britain and Japan sit side by side at G8 meetings. If ever there was an occasion for the great Clintonian invocation that "we need to move on," a grudge over 1095 is surely it."

Read the whole thing, it's a hoot.

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