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August 22, 2002
BLOG: Here We Go

It's The Baseball Crank's blog! Will it work? I'm not making any promises about the regularity of content at this site, but this medium is too good to pass up. Some of you may know my work from Bill Simmons' "Boston Sports Guy" website, where I got my start as an internet pundit on things baseball, or from my allegedly weekly column (barely monthly, these days) at the Providence Journal's website (which, sadly, is now registration-only, although it's still free). Some may also know me from the Baseball Primer website, where I participate in posts every once and a while and where my article on the simple solution to baseball's competitive balance issues appeared. If I can find the time, I'm hoping to make this site a place for posting those of my short thoughts on baseball, politics and anything else that I deem web-worthy. Thanks for stopping by.

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