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September 06, 2002
WAR: Dayton

OK, I've been nagged enough now by other websites (Instapundit, Andrew Sullivan, The Corner, etc.) to read today's Lileks. There, I did it. You should too. It starts slowly, and you can kind of skim until he gets to his signature move, which is grabbing some piece of nonsense off the Op-Ed pages and pulling so many chunks of idiocy out of it that you feel ashamed for the poor fool who wrote it. In this case, United States Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minn.)

Just some highlights:

"I wouldnít vote for him if you held a bandsaw to my carotid artery, but if it was a choice between Wellstone and Trent Lott to watch my house while I was on vacation, Iíd chose Paul; Trent would be likely to express the need to work together with the burglars and move the process forward in a collegial way."

"I cannot think of another time in American history when our Senators were so damned worried about the opinions of French bureaucrats, English editorialists, German soccer enthusiasts, and Lebanese hummus wholesalers. Once upon a time this nation had Senators who railed against the government from dusk to dawn, but when told that the Germans agreed with him, hissed ďpiss off, Fritz.Ē Now itís different. Itís as if people of Daytonís ilk believe theyíre really Senators in some transnational body that represents the world, not a weirdly-shaped state with its head jammed up against the broad flat butt of Canada. Iím starting to think theyíre all Senators from the United Federation of Planets, and soon the Temporal Police will show up and take them back to the future."

But I'm stopping you from reading the whole thing.

Read it.

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