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June 17, 2003

The most important news these days is the news from Iran; the Revolution may be nigh, with unrest growing rapidly and visibly in the run-up to another year of general strikes planned for July 9.

Instapundit notes a statement from Iranian academics that charges that the theocrats aren't just tyrants, they're heretics too:

More than 250 university lecturers and writers in Iran signed a statement calling on supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (search) to abandon the idea that he is God's representative on Earth. . . . Khamenei has the final say on all matters. The ruling clerics regard him as God's representative and say his word cannot be challenged. "Considering individuals to be in the position of a divinity and absolute power ... is open polytheism [in contradiction to] almighty God . . . " the statement said.

I guess this answers the question I raised in October:

"maybe I just don't understand Islam well enough, but to my ears, the whole sharia-courts phenomenon thoughout Islamist societies seems to be blasphemous and idolatrous by its very nature . . . Can somebody who knows more about Islam explain to me how this arrangement doesn't effectively set up the sharia court itself as the object of worship, obedience and devotion, under the harshest of penalties, and in substitution for the devotion of invidual conscience directly to divine authority?"

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