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August 25, 2003
BASEBALL: Corner Turned?

Has Alfonso Soriano righted the ship? Soriano started this season even hotter than last, and even I -- a long-time skeptic of Soriano -- was starting to think he was really that good. 28 games into the season, he was batting .378, and even drawing a decent number of walks. But I should have remembered that this is precisely what often happens to guys who have big breakout seasons: a month or so in, they look even better before it all unravels. After May 1, Soriano just coasted on that early hot streak, to the point where Joe Torre benched Soriano for consecutive games in Texas August 6-7 (and for a hitter, what harsher punishment is there than being benched against the Rangers?). Here's the breakdown:


Well, it's better, anyway. But viewing Soriano as a .300-hitting, top-of-the-order, MVP-candidate type of player may have always been a one-year wonder.

UPDATE: I'm trying, but I don't know where those > marks keep coming from, so I can't get rid of them. UPDATE AGAIN: I'm trying David Pinto's suggestion from the comments. I haven't had this problem with tables before. THIRD UPDATE: The second commenter spotted the real problem, which was that I had extra carets in the table, which replicated as I was copy/pasting the HTML coding for the table (I can do tech, but only by rote).

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When you are using tables in MoveableType, turn off the convert line breaks, and format your paragraphs with

That might get rid of your >.

Nice post, by the way.

Posted by: David Pinto at August 25, 2003 11:56 AM

Not sure if you can edit the HTML directly, but you have [th]][th replace [] with <>, in the code. In otherwords an extra closing braket. Whenever you have text outside of the td, or th, tags in a table, it gets rendered before the table.

Of course the problem is more likely with your HTML editor generating that junk than editting the HTML directly, so I'm probably not much help.

Posted by: Divide By Zero at August 25, 2003 11:31 PM
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