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September 07, 2003
POP CULTURE: My G-G-Generation, D-H

Part two of a series on people within a year or two of my age (i.e., born late 1969-late 1973); here's part one. Today: D through H:

Omar Daal, MLB
Matt Damon, actor
Tiffany (Darwsich), singer
Brian Daubach, MLB
Jeremy Davies, actor
Terrell Davis, NFL
Carlos Delgado, MLB
Portia deRossi, actress
Cameron Diaz, actress
Dido, singer
Ani DiFranco, singer
Trent Dilfer, NFL
Viet Dinh, former Assistant Attorney General
Shannen Doherty, actress
Brendan Donnelly, MLB
Doug E. Doug, actor
Hugh Douglas, NFL
Minnie Driver, actress
Ray Durham, MLB
Fred Durst, singer
David Duval, golfer
Jim Edmonds, MLB
Tyus Edney, NBA
Carmen Electra, actress
Omar Epps, actor
Theo Epstein, MLB General Manager
Shawn Estes, MLB
Janet Evans, swimmer
Marshall Faulk, NFL
Brett Favre, NFL
Corey Feldman, actor
Joseph Fiennes, actor
Michael Finley, NBA
Darren Fletcher, MLB
Cliff Floyd, MLB
Harold Ford jr., Congressman
Keith Foulke, MLB
Liam Gallagher, singer
Rich Garces, MLB
Jeff Garcia, NFL
Nomar Garciaparra, MLB
Jennifer Garner, actress
Jennie Garth, actress
Brent Gates, MLB
Eddie George, NFL
Jason Giambi, MLB
Debbie Gibson, singer
Brian Giles, MLB
Doug Glanville, MLB
Missy Gold, actress
Adam Goldberg, actor
Juan Gonzalez, MLB
Ekaterina Gordeeva, figure skater
Jeff Gordon, NASCAR
Karenna Gore-Schiff, political person
Heather Graham, actress
Brian Grant, NBA
Danny Graves, MLB
Elvis Grbac, NFL
Brian Austin Green, actor
Shawn Green, MLB
Todd Greene, MLB
Ken Griffey jr., MLB
Eddie Guardado, MLB
Carla Gugino, actress
Corey Haim, actor
Geri Halliwell, singer
Mia Hamm, soccer
Jeffrey Hammonds, MLB
Mike Hampton, MLB
Penny Hardaway, NBA
Tonya Harding, figure skater
Marvin Harrison, NFL
PJ Harvey, singer
Ethan Hawke, actor
Jimmy Haynes, MLB
Rick Helling, MLB
Todd Helton, MLB
Jose Hernandez, MLB
Sterling Hitchcock, MLB
Grant Hill, NBA
Dave Holmes, veejay
Priest Holmes, NFL
Robert Horry, NBA
Juwan Howard, NBA
Bobby Hurley, NBA
Butch Huskey, MLB

Also, one I missed last time: Netscape founder Marc Andressen. I cheated a little on the young end to get Theo Epstein in there (December 1973), while Jonah Goldberg missed out just a bit at the other end. You'll also note most of Epstein's players here as well as some recent Sox alumni like Daubach, Floyd and Garces. Dave Holmes, the former MTV veejay, was actually a college classmate. Bobby Hurley -- now there's a guy who peaked early. Hurley's car accident was just early enough in his career that we'll never know if he might have made a decent pro player if he hadn't had that setback. I saw a report recently that said Cameron Diaz is now the world's highest-paid actress; look at these lists and you'll see that right around 30 is a real good age for an actress' career; an awful lot of them are right around their primes. Running backs are another matter (ask Terrell Davis). I'm going by reported ages here, so don't ask about El Guapo.

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