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January 05, 2004
BASEBALL: By Any Other Name

So, just in time to overshadow the Hall of Fame's big day, we're about to be treated to another rehash of the endless Pete Rose saga, as Rose is finally about to admit that he bet on baseball (no report I've seen yet says whether he'll admit he bet on games in which he was involved; I'd put my money, so to speak, on no). Rather than repeat myself ad nauseum here, I'll just link back to my prior works on this issue:

*My two-part June 2000 column (yes, it's been that long) on Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

*My November 13, 2002 post re-thinking the Dowd Report in light of Derek Zumsteg's attack on Bill James' critiques of the report.

*My November 11, 2002 post criticizing Dowd's post-1989 activities.

*On Rose's merits, my response to Zumsteg's inexplicable assertion that Rose wasn't a Hall of Fame caliber ballplayer, and an April 8, 2001 column in which (among other things) I compared Rose to Roberto Clemente in their primes.

UPDATE: Rose admits he bet on the Reds.

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