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January 23, 2004
BLOG/BASEBALL: Programming Note

Expect the baseball content around here to be more sporadic from now until at least mid-February, for at least three reasons:

1. There's usually not a lot of hard news coming out between late January and mid-February.

2. I'll be focusing a lot of my attention on the Democratic primaries, which are shaping up to be quite a race, at least for the next few weeks and possibly until March 2 or later.

And most importantly:

3. I'm hard at work on some bigger, more labor-intensive stuff, which I'll be rolling out intermittently over the next few weeks if I have the time; mainly, now that I have the Bill James Handbook to work from, I'll be trying to expand my look at Established Win Shares Levels to a team-by-team rundown of each division. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time if this blog started a series and couldn't finish it, but I'll get through what I can. But the EWSL stuff will eat up most of my baseball-blogging time.

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