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March 03, 2004
POLITICS: Early Candidate for Bedfellow Award

So, Edwards is out. On the last day of his campaign, though, The Hill gave us this report, which any lawyer would recognize as a major ethical no-no: in 1994, while still a practicing attorney, Edwards loaned $30,000 to a federal bankruptcy judge overseeing a case in which Edwards' wife was then appearing. It appears that the facts are not in dispute . . .

Of course, even while apparently accurate, this report is an early candidate for the Bedfellow Award (see here and here), which I christened for extremely late, can't-be-responded-to hit jobs in honor of the comic strip "Bloom County," in which Senator Bedfellow was defeated on the strength of an election-day headline, "WARNING: VOTING FOR BEDFELLOW MAY CAUSE HERPES." Obvious recent candidates include Bush's DUI arrest, highlighted at the end of the 2000 campaign, and the groping charges and pro-Hitler quotes dug up on Arnold Schwarzenegger last year. Of course, bonus points are for a charge that's false or at least severely overblown, as well as for charges that are inflammatory and/or totally unrelated to the issues (the Kerry-intern story now looks like it might qualify on all grounds, except that it wasn't quite as late in the game). Stay tuned - I'll wager that 2004's winner won't become clear for some time.

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