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April 03, 2004
BASEBALL: Say It Ainít Seo

Being down in Virginia, Iím sometimes a little behind on whatís going on with the Mets. So I was surpised to learn that the Mets have demoted Jae Seo and put both Scott Erickson and Tyler Yates in their starting rotation. Apparently, Yates will be #4 and Erickson will be #5.

Iím happy to see Yates getting a chance, but, like Damien over at Shea Daily, Iím wondering whatís going with the demotion of ďDoctor JaeĒ:

Seo has been pretty horrible this Spring (21.2 innings, 7.42 ERA, eight strikeouts, six walks - 3.32 K/9, 1.33 K/BB - and five home runs allowed at 2.08 HR/9), but he was excellent in his rookie season last year and ranked second among Mets pitchers in innings (188.1), earned-run average (3.82) and overall valueÖ

Spring Training should definitely be used to rank players, but kicking Seo out of his deserved spot is going too far. Now, the Mets have weakened their rotation by getting rid of one of the more reliable starting pitchersÖIf it's any consolation - and, really, it shouldn't be - it's that last year's fifth-starter, named out of Spring Training, lasted only a few weeks before retiring. David Cone started the season well and then fell apart, allowing youngsters such as Heilman and Seo to get much-needed major-league time. I'm not praying for Erickson's demise, but this is an injustice and I hope Seo gets promoted within the next fortnight.


UPDATE: Of course, this might be very temporary, as Erickson could be on the trading block. (Link via Shea Hot Corner).

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