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April 05, 2004
BASEBALL: No Two Twists Come Out The Same

From the Indians' perspective, it's pretty sad to have had to deal Milton Bradley, although as David Pinto has noted, Bradley's latest antics didn't really give them a choice, especially on a young team where the rules of the road still need to be imprinted on the youngsters. Of course, while they may be in a weak division, the Indians weren't likely to go far this year anyway, so losing Bradley's not as bad as it looks. And the player they got in return, 21-year-old outfielder Franklin Gutierrez, appears to be a Grade A prospect of the type the Indians don't presently have anywhere near the major league level (the Baseball Prospectus compares him to Juan Gonzalez).

For the Dodgers, while Gutierrez is a stiff price to pay and Bradley is a certifiable head case, this should be a steal unless Bradley just spins out of control. It will definitely be a challenge to Jim Tracy to get the most from Bradley, but if he can repeat his monster year last season, he'll give the Dodgers a desperately needed offensive infusion in a division LA can definitely win. (I'm not so much in favor of reviving the Shawn Green-to-1B idea, but given the absence of a decent first baseman, that may have been inevitable).

UPDATE: Fun but misleading fact to cheer up Dodgers fans: tabs the most similar player to Bradley, through age 25, as Gil Hodges. Well, except for the being totally insane part. (PECOTA prefers Roy White).

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