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April 19, 2004
WAR: Man, That Ain't Oil, That's Blood

To date, thirty Halliburton workers have been killed in Iraq. Question of the day for Democrats who have bashed the company: are these Americans we are proud of? (I only caught the tail end, but CNN was running an interview with some Halliburton workers last night that seemed to be putting a human face on the company' workers in Iraq that doesn't look like a Thomas Nast cartoon).

On a related note, the papers have been buzzing about an Italian (read: "fraudulent" coalition member) security guard, Fabrizio Quattrocchi, who was executed by his captors in Iraq; Quattrocchi reportedly tried to pull off his hood to look his captors in the eye and shouted, "Iím going to show you how an Italian dies." Noteworthy observation: in extremis, facing death and with nothing left to him but his pride, Quattrocchi fell back on something that mattered to him - his nationality. Not, "Europe" and not the "legitimacy" of international organizations. It is worthwhile, before sending men to fight and die - even sending private citizens into war zones - to remember for what they will do so.

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Its also interesting to note that, in extremis, he was still there as an Italian.

Not as a representative of the European Union.

Nor as a representative of the UN.

And yet you find it interesting that he didn't fall back on these?

Come on Crank! Your politicizing this death without even intending to.

As far as "fraudulent", go ahead an keep on reading 'em as you want to. no wonder you think the papers are so biased, even when there is no explicit bias, you still place it there.

Again, the security guard was Italian, you want the papers to refer to him instead as a member of the coalition?

Put in other words, you find it interesting the Italian chooses to identify himself as such, and for completely different reasons, you find it interesting that the papers do the same?

Posted by: C Giddy at April 19, 2004 10:32 AM

OK, I'm confused by this comment. No, I've got no problem with the coverage of this incident. Yes, he was there as an Italian, coalition or no coalition; that, in fact, is part of the point. People fight for their countries, not for international ideals.

My knock on the "fraudulent" label is how little respect John Kerry and his ilk have for guys like this. If the Italians do something without French, German and Russian approval, does that make their presence a fraud?

Posted by: The Crank at April 19, 2004 10:51 AM
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