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April 30, 2004
WAR: I've Been Looking Too Long At These Pictures of You

At first glance, the Reuters report noted by The Command Post about how many North Koreans died in last week's train explosion because they ran back into their houses to save portraits of Kim Jong-il and his father - portraits the oppressed North Korean people are required to maintain in their homes - sounds like an urban legend spread by opponents of the regime to demonstrate its inhumanity and the level of regimented terror ordinary North Koreans live in on a daily basis, to the extent that they would run into a burning building rather than face what their government would do to them if for even the most understandable of reasons they didn't have their portraits of the Dear Leader.

But what's far creepier is the fact that these reports were actually coming from the North Korean regime itself. Why on earth would the regime publicize this? The only answer, of course - other than the regime's complete and total isolation from and indifference to the opinions of anyone outside the police state's borders - must be the intimidating effect the story would have on an already terrified North Korean population, by emphasizing the fact that the regime is actually proud of the fact that it values a picture of Kim more than it values the lives of its subjects.

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How long will Kim Jong Il have to scream the international equivalent of "We got next!" at us before take him up on it?

Posted by: emcee fleshy at April 30, 2004 05:51 PM
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