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May 13, 2004
WAR: Iraq and Al Qaeda, Again

Dan Darling over at Winds of Change has a long, fact-packed discussion of his reasons for supporting the Iraq war, focusing heavily on the Iraqi regime's terrorist connections. (Links to interviews with the two defectors who first publicized the Salman Pak hijacker-training story, which Darling discusses at some length, can be found here and here). Meanwhile, Laurie Mylroie has some new details in her dogged pursuit of the theory that the Iraqi regime was, in fact, involved directly with Mohammed Atta. Darling also has a good discussion of Mylroie's theories, which remain pretty speculative; as I have, he concludes that Mylroie's critics haven't done themselves any favors by their overreliance on scorn and ad hominem attacks, but that it's hard to put too much weight on her work in the absence of more solid evidence. Both pieces are well worth the read; judge for yourself.

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