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May 25, 2004
WAR: Hillary Is Right!

Yes, I'll say it: Hillary Clinton is right to call for a larger Army, in an ironic joint statement with former House impeachment manager (now Senator) Lindsey Graham (the Senate's too small for grudges). You don't have to believe that we need more troops in Iraq today to conclude that, on the whole, the demands of the War on Terror require us to expand our capacity to fight wars and/or occupations/insurgencies on multiple fronts at once to preserve our credibility in dealing with multiple problems at the same time.

What will Bush do? He's thus far resisted calls for a larger Army. But he's reversed course before after initially resisting calls for, among other things, a Homeland Security department, and left his critics outflanked on all sides as a result. If Bush decided to veer rightward and demand a bigger Army, the Democrats - as usual - would find themselves with no room to move, since many of them have gotten to Bush's right on this issue and couldn't flip far enough to get back to his left. Presumably, their only response would then be to call for more taxes to pay for more soldiers, but Democrats call for more taxes in just about any situation, usually without effect.

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