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May 28, 2004

This is a followup post to the one immediately below; courtesy of the Hardball Times, we have the National League "Fielding Independent Pitching" leaders, the (slightly longer) list of NL pitchers with a FIP below 4.00 in 45 or more innings through last night (the stats have now been updated):

Randy Johnson702.67
Roger Clemens57.12.80
Ben Sheets732.89
Jake Peavy53.22.99
Roy Oswalt69.23.02
Oliver Perez45.23.03
Carlos Zambrano61.13.43
Matt Clement60.13.55
Joe Kennedy59.13.60
Tom Glavine67.23.65
Josh Beckett663.65
Livan Hernandez803.74
Doug Davis61.23.74
Brad Penny683.76
Jeff Weaver63.23.80
Jon Thomson57.13.80
Jason Schmidt553.87
Jaret Wright49.23.88
Russ Ortiz563.99

Yes, that's Johnson and Schilling atop their respective leagues, with Roger Clemens close behind; good time for the oldsters. And the youngsters too, like Jake Peavy and Oliver Perez. Yyou can see here why the Peavy injury will hurt the Padres badly, as none of their other starters are in his class (as I noted before the season) . . . Kerry Wood (3.50) missed the innings cut by a third of an inning . . . the three Braves on the list all would have missed the cut a week ago; Atlanta's pitching is just now rounding into shape.

Caution: some guys on this list, notably Weaver and Davis, have repeatedly underachieved what their K/BB and HR numbers say they should do.

Yes, Tom Glavine (tonight included) has been far better than I had any reason to expect (sell high!).

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