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July 07, 2004
WAR/LAW: Edmonds Gets Shut Down

Remember Sibel Dinez Edmonds, the disgruntled former FBI translator who aired sensational charges of disloyalty and deliberate incompetence at the FBI after September 11? Well, on Tuesday the US District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed her lawsuit, accepting an affidavit by John Ashcroft to the effect that resolution of her claims would require the disclosure of state secrets.

Edmonds' charges are grave, but not tremendously credible. Here's hoping that Congress has conducted or will conduct an adequate investigation, because her claims (probably properly) won't get their day in court.

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You wrote: "...but not tremendously credible."

What makes you doubt her claims. Moslems across America celebrated the attacks. The media simply chose not to report on the celebrations.

Posted by: John Doe at July 11, 2004 09:10 PM
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