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August 01, 2004

From one of Bill Simmons' readers, on the "Vengance Scale":

Where does Gwen Stefani rank on the Vengeance scale? I was expecting to see her at a 10.0, and was disappointed that she failed to make the cut. Here's a recap -- teenage girl joins her brother's band. Falls in love with the bass player. Dates the bass player through high school. Gets dumped by the bass player. Gets very angry and writes a multi-platinum album of songs about the breakup, and what a jerk the bass player was. Bass player spends the rest of his life touring behind ex-girlfriend, who's now a huge star. Bass player's primary accomplishment in life is providing musical accompaniment to lyrics about what a jerk he is.

Department of Embarrassing Corrections, from the same column: "Joe De's is on Cambridge Street, not Main Street." Bill, you're getting old . . .

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