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September 16, 2004
BLOG: Citizen Dan

Hey, my entry got honorable mention in the Wizbang caption contest!

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So, wizbang caption contest? The first election to be blogged? Hmm. There could not be anything more idiotarian than blogging. I know this instinctually it seems, as technically this is my first time participating and the feeling can only be described as gutturally shameful. Sincerely, without disrespect, do you really find that you have uncovered facts, created spheres or any other geometric shapes of influence affecting anyone? There has to be a more potent ego-propellant out there for you than a bunch of random shit piped through fiber optics. At least when the proverbial old farts get together to talk shop at the local pub or barbershop, etc., the blowhard who can't ever seem to shut up will get a zinger or two from his friends (if they are truly that) to remind him that they are the only ones who will even tolerate his boorish behavior. This is a required element that this forum obviously lacks. And yes, at this point you can throw your web counter stats at me and talk of pretensions, logic, some sort of recasting of Social Darwinism (Iím not a racist, butÖ the man stared at birds all day and wrote about it in his journal, a blogger before its time!) and no doubt your long and distinguished career as a litigator, which by the way, I hear is a profession that The Shrub holds in the highest regard. Besides the fact that most folks who hold logic sacred and have some aptitude seek recognition from their peers (yes, weíre elitist like that) for their ability to create novel solutions to problems instead of crafting pithy critiques of them, the truth is that it really does not require any great cognitive gymnastics to pinpoint the greatest threat to society as it stands today. Itís been at the top of the list going on centuries now: Middle-aged white male douchebags. Idiot Arians indeed! Itís kind of summed up by how the stock market will get a bump at the mere mention of Shrub leading in the polls, even though the S&P500 is down 20% since he took office. And Iím sure someone is adding that very fact right now as a supporting argument to a stunning treatise on supply-side economics. Something that theyíre just about ready to beam up to the wonderous, infinite land of intellectual porn know as The Blogsphere.

4 more years (if we have that long)

Posted by: Chris Cortellini at October 26, 2004 08:32 AM
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