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August 28, 2002
BASEBALL: The Players League Rides Again

A couple of investment managers want to bring back the Players League. As they acknowledge, there are logistical problems:

"Some details would have to be worked out, of course. TV and concession profits would have to be diverted to charities correctly. Players' expenses would need to be covered, and an escrow account could be set up to liberally compensate them for any injuries. Maintenance could be continued, so stadiums wouldn't deteriorate."

This dramatically understates the problem; finding stadiums was hard enough in 1890, when the major leagues played in parks that would embarrass a modern college team, but the infrastructure required today to play major league quality baseball doesn't spring up overnight. Do you think that any park controlled by pro sports owners would be willing to rent to strikers? This is as unrealistic as the perennial call for a fan strike (which if you think about it, is as meaningful a punishment for striking as using the death penalty on suicide bombers - if you don't play the games, we won't watch them!!!)

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