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September 30, 2002
WAR/POLITICS: Who Will Vote No?

Michael Barone argues that Paul Wellstone is nearly the only endangered incumbent Democrat who's likely to vote against the war. My guess is, that will kill him in Minnesota - not a real conservative state, to put it mildly, but one where it will be easy to bring out the 'swing' voters who voted for The Body and Ross Perot, who aren't easy to get to the polls but might rise in anger at a senator who's on the wrong side of the war issue. And you know what? Wellstone's just the type of "I'd rather be right than president" politician who might welcome the opportunity to spend the rest of his life getting applause from little crowds of embittered Leftists with his tale of how his principled opposition to war cost him his Senate seat (better that, than having to wonder if it was breaking the two-terms pledge that did it).

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