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October 24, 2002
BASEBALL: Apathy and Fear in San Francisco

I've seen chunks of the last two World Series games, but for some reason they didn't grip me like the first two, maybe because I was getting home late from work in mid-game. Game 3 wasn't exactly close, either. There's something bizarre about a World Series that's purely regional - NoCal vs. SoCal - yet completely lacking in animosity or a true regional rivalry. No wonder the ratings stink, even though three of the four games have been airtight and well-played baseball and even in spite of the first World Series appearance by the best player in the game.

If you missed it, ESPN had a contrast last week of how Bonds and Babe Ruth have been pitched to in the World Series. The argument that Bonds is "more feared than Ruth," of course, ignores the fact that fear is a relative thing: there's a big difference between walking a man to get to an aging Benito Santiago and walking a man to get to a young Lou Gehrig. (OK, in 1921-23 Ruth hit ahead of . . . who? Without the box scores handy, I'm guessing Bob Meusel, who averaged .317, slugged .523 and drove in 310 runs over that three-year stretch; In 1923, when Ruth walked 8 times in 27 plate appearances, Meusel didn't draw a walk and drove in 8 runs in 6 games, which suggests a man who's had people walked to get to him). Anyway, Santiago has hit so badly you wonder if Dusty should switch Bonds and Kent in the lineup.

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