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October 12, 2002
BASEBALL: David vs. David

It's wierd to have a postseason without the usual villains in Atlanta and the Bronx. There's still Bonds, of course. In the AL I suppose I'm rooting for Minnesota, since among others I've long been a fan of Rick Reed and Brad Radke, but I don't actively dislike the Angels - I don't even really have a beef with the Rally Monkey. I have to say, those Angels uniforms are strange, though - I keep thinking they're the Cardinals. I know it's been a while since they changed, but seeing them this regularly makes it stranger. . . I mentioned Dyar Miller the other day, but another good guy to see is Twins pitching coach Rick Anderson, a guy the Mets brought up as a 29-year-old rookie with a decade of minor league experience in 1986. He pitched well enough that the Royals took him, and backup catcher Ed Hearn, in exchange for a 7-year minor league vet who'd spent nearly half his minor league career rehabbing injuries. His name? Well, you know that one. It was also strange the other night on the radio broadcast, hearing John Miller discussing how Jacque Jones works out in the offseason with "the greatest hitter living in the San Diego area, Tony Gwynn." Another reminder that San Diego native Ted Williams is no longer around to talk hitting . . .

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