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October 8, 2002

I wasn't really paying close attention to why Art Howe decided to start Tim Hudson twice against Minnesota and Barry Zito only once -- was he looking ahead to the Yankees? -- but do you think he's regretting that right now? Particularly given how the Twins struggle against lefthanded pitching.

Ted Lilly, a lefty, was spectacularly ineffective in the Minneesota series, and it's possible Lilly just hadn't gotten back in a groove after his injury. But leave Lilly aside, and here's the results from the A's lefties in the series: 23.1 IP, 2.31 ERA, 8.10 H/9IP, 0.39 HR/9IP, 2.70 BB/9IP, 9.64 K/9IP. Here's the righthanders: 16.2 IP, 5.40 ERA (and with all 5 of the A's unearned runs, that's 8.10 Runs/9IP), 11.34 H/9IP, 1.62 HR/9IP, 3.24 BB/9IP, 7.56 K/9IP. In other words, the rest of the Oakland lefthanders were far more effective in every facet than the righthanders. (This does not bode well for Anaheim's bullpen, which leans further to the right than the Provo chapter of the NRA).

Oh, and during the regular season, Zito had a 1.80 ERA against Minnesota in two starts, Hudson 2.84 in one start - a small sample size, but the Twinkies hit .196 against Zito and .333 against Hudson. Certainly nothing there to suggest that Hudson would be more effective against them.

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