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October 31, 2002

There are some writers who just have a predetermined theory, and want to fit all the facts into it. Example: there are a lot of fans, especially stat-head types who read sportswriters with a critical eye, who love to argue that various players get treated unfairly by the media for no other reason than that they are not nice to reporters. This. I submit, is true. Barry Bonds is a great player, he's mean to reporters, and reporters hate him, so believers in this particular theory often cite him as Exhibit A of a man whose reputation has been sullied for no good reason just because he won't suck up to reporters.

That just ain't the truth, as I've argued repeatedly; I won't recount all the history here, but there is loads of evidence that Bonds is a jerk who is justly loathed by teammates, opponents, and fans, for many reasons having nothing to do with his quotability. People who think that this argument is true of Bonds just because it's true of, say, Eddie Murray, aren't paying attention. They're just repeating slogans as a substitute for thought.

That said, even Bonds deserves to be treated fairly by the media for what he is, and Jonah Keri at the Baseball Prospectus catches the weaselly Rick Reilly and the sleazelly Bob Klapisch doing a completely unethical hack job on Bonds by taking a menacing quote and removing its critical context, which is that reporters after Game 7 were pressing in too hard on Bonds' son.

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