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October 1, 2002
BASEBALL: With Bobby V Gone

More on this to come when I have more time, but here's my two cents on the Mets canning Bobby Valentine. I can't totally agree with sacking Bobby V, but somebody needs to be held accountable and the manager is at least a start. Unfortunately, the Mets are canning him with, in all likelihood, no clue of who to replace him with. Phillips should go too - he made some very high-risk moves I didn't entirely disagree with, but they blew up, and he needs to face the music. The Mets should get a guy with a new philosophy who can rebuild the farm system (I'm old enough to remember what it was like when the Mets had one).

And have Rey Ordonez deported.

And fob off Mo on some sucker.

Should the Mets hire Buck Showalter? God, I hope not. Replacing Valentine with Showalter is like if you replaced Drew Bledsoe with Ken O'Brien - if you didn't like the one, you'll really hate the other.

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