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October 15, 2002
BLOG: Blogrolling

I am waaaaaay overdue to update the link list on the left side of the site. I've got to add more of the baseball blogs. Also among the blogs to add is one linking to this site: Howard Bashman's How Appealing, a blog focused on (mostly federal, I think) appeals courts. In addition to the usual suspects - Instapundit and Eugene Volokh are both law professors (another of the Volokhs is at Harvard Law School)-- other law blogs include Goldstein & Howe's Supreme Court blog - yes, this actually seems to be a firm-endorsed and operated-blog (I've had a few dealings with my firm's website, but I can't see an official firm blog in the near future) - which has some interesting stuff today on the dismissal of cert, previously granted, in a case raising class action jurisdictional issues, and the blog of another HLS grad, Stuart Buck.

I know, I know, too many lawyers with too many opinions. So sue us.

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