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October 15, 2002

OK, the "Confederate battlefield" theory is out the window with last night's shooting in Falls Church. They're gonna get this guy, somehow, but it looks like he'll probably kill again before they do, which is a horrible thought. I'm sure plenty of people are afraid to leave the house in the DC area, and I can't say I blame them. When things have calmed down, somebody should remember to extend a very warm thank you to these guys.

My father, who was a New York City cop, reminds me that the simplest slips can break a case like this - they got the Son of Sam because a cop who wrote traffic summonses noticed that he'd written up the same car at the site of three of the shootings. Once they had the car, they had David Berkowitz, and they still do.

My guess is, when they get this guy, Virginia will try him first. I have mixed feelings about the death penalty, but this is one of the easy cases.

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