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October 4, 2002
POLITICS: Grandma Got Run Over By A Spinner

Every time you are stuck debating (contradictorily) whether (1) the Democrats are really just people of good faith who disagree or (2) the Democrats have sunk so low they can't possibly go any lower, you get hit with something that calls both assumptions into question, such as: an ad (on what else? Social Security) depicting President Bush pushing an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. I swear you can not make this stuff up. Frankly, if there's a single word I would use to describe these type of tactics, it's this one: immature. I have no problem with harsh, negative attacks and invective, in proper place. If we could just raise the level of debate to that of a mature adult, we would be so much better off. Every time you hear a political ad, ask yourself: could you make this argument with a straight face to your friends? If not, why do the political pros make them?

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