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October 22, 2002
POLITICS: Kidgitprop

LILEKS with another reminder of why I send my kids to Catholic school:

Let me be quite clear on this: my daughter is not going to pledge allegiance to healthy dirt. I will teach her all I believe about stewardship of the world. . . . I will teach her that the earth - lower case, no family affiliation - requires our care and respect. But I am not going to raise an eco-freak who tattles on Daddy to the Block Captain because I threw away a grocery bag that had a rip, instead of cutting it up for note paper. She is a resident of the planet earth, but she is a citizen of the United States of America. While that distinction will be meaningless in second grade I will not undercut her eventual understanding of the concept by pretending that we all pledge allegiance to dirt, crabgrass and crocodiles. Respect them, yes. Start the day with an oath bowing our heads to decreased atomospheric particulate levels, no.

* * *

[I]f you think Iím being paranoid here, consider that my child is two years old, and they want her to swear fealty to soil. I wouldnít mind some sort of pledge or oath to vow to be a good Dirt Scout, to not litter, to promise to pick up dog poop, to reuse grocery bags. Iíve no problem with that. But this stupid thing uses the language of religion and civics to underscore a practical point, and that tells me something. When you set it up a pledge to the meter of the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, Iíll take you at your word. Either you regard this as more important or just as important, and on those points reasonable people can disagree.

Fat lot of good itíll do you; tonight while googling around for info on the matter, I learned that the pledge [of allegiance to Earth] is required reading for first graders in the Minneapolis School System. (emphasis in original)

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