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October 9, 2002
POLITICS: Newsflash - Not Everything In The NY Times Is Untrue!

Mickey Kaus has a cautionary note in the wake of the latest New York Times poll issue:

"About a year ago a brilliant essay by right-winger J. Peter Mulhern argued that liberal press bias is a blessing for conservatives and Republicans, because with liberal bias comes the liberal "cocoon," the disconnect between what NPR listeners/NYT readers think -- after being told what they want to hear -- and what's really going on. Because prominent Times articles like Nagourney's give Democrats (even sophisticated pols and media types) unfounded hope, Democrats are apt to be overconfident -- and surprised on election day when they discover what the voters really believe.

But I wonder if a reverse, second-order phenomenon isn't also at work a conservative cocoon built on the assumption that all bad news in the NYT is the product of liberal bias. There's so much bias in the Times right now that this is a mighty tempting conclusion. But it's a dangerous one for the right."

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