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October 21, 2002
POLITICS: Playing At Recess

Bob Novak says that Congress went home without officially recessinng because "A formal vote to go home would have opened members of Congress from both parties to campaign charges that they quit without passing homeland security or prescription drugs aid." But that charge can be made anyway. Isn't the real reason for avoiding a formal recess because Tom Daschle doesn't want the president making recess appointments to the federal bench, especially before the election? After the election, Bush will either get his Senate majority or have to calculate how to live with the Dems for two more years. But if they recess now, he could appoint a couple of judges - say, Miguel Estrada and Patricia Owen - and by doing so, make the showdown over judicial appointments (especially female and racial/ethnic minority appointments) into the top (domestic) issue of the campaign in states where the issue favors Republicans. Daschle may prefer to avoid that, as well as avoiding the inevitable erosion of Senate priveleges that would come if Bush followed the Clinton precedent on this one.

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