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October 8, 2002
POLITICS: Sharpton in Mayberry

Rod Dreher at NRO continues his campaign against Al Sharpton with a review of Sharpton's new book. I've said this before: I can easily see Sharpton destroying the Democrats in 2004, reprising what he did to Mark Green - and especially if Joe Lieberman gets the lead.

Dreher quotes Sharpton heaping glowing praise on Castro's Cuba: "To my surprise, the best fried chicken I have ever ate in my life (outside of my mama's) was in Havana. Cuba is very clean, and the only crime you could openly see is prostitution. You don't see a lot of dirt and crime. People even leave their doors unlocked there. It reminded me of the deep, deep South in the 1950s, where everyone greeted each other as they walked by. Even the cars are from the 1950s. ...It was like stepping into Mayberry with Andy Griffith. I expected Aunt Bea and Opie to come running out any minute"

Is it just me, or -- well, what to you think Sharpton would do to, say, George W. Bush if he spoke warmly of "the deep, deep South in the 1950s" and a TV show set in the South in that era where everybody was white?

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