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October 28, 2002
POLITICS: Wellstone's Legacy

Time to get down to the callous business of figuring out where the Minnesota Senate race goes after Wellstone . . . Lileks (a Minnesotan) has a lengthy explanation of why it's proper to remember the man well (I'm not excerpting it; go read for yourself) but is cold and withering in his assessment of the Democrats:

"If it’s Mondale as a replacement, it ought to make Wellstone’s supporters scowl a bit. The true heir to Wellstone’s policies would be the Green candidate - but oddly enough, none of his supporters are suggesting that anyone vote for that fellow. Policies are one thing; power is quite another. The objective is not to carry the Wellstone torch for the next six years. The objective is control of the Senate. The Wellstone legacy turns out to be no more than a seat marked D."

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