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October 30, 2002
POLITICS: Your Heart Is Full of Unwashed Socks

While we're lingering on the ugly side of the Left, Jonah Goldberg is peering deep into the darkness of the soul of the Democratic Party, specifically the memorial service for Paul Wellstone, and is horrified by what (and who) he sees:

"Like some perverse "Where's Waldo" drawing, wherever large groups of Democrats congregate, you know if you can find Bill Clinton in the picture they will behave like jackasses . . that rally . . . shamelessly used Wellstone's death for partisan advantage while its organizers cynically accused their opponents of doing precisely that. Blaming others for something awful you've done is perhaps the defining attribute of Bill Clinton and his legacy on the Democratic party. Wellstone did many good things out of principle including work with Jesse Helms, a man he grew to befriend, on human rights in China. But he will now be invoked by Democrats everywhere simply to get out the vote, beat up Republicans, and raise millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

In short, so long as they hold onto the Senate, the Clinton Democrats who often found Wellstone's principles inconvenient will find him more useful dead than alive. They will rewrite the story of his life to fit any cause they choose much as they have done with other Democratic martyrs like John and Robert Kennedy (a Cold War anti-Communist and the attorney general who personally authorized the bugging of Martin Luther King, respectively). Wellstone's distinctiveness and honesty will melt in a warm pool of mass-marketed nostalgia. And, if Republicans complain, Democrats will simply charge insensitivity and laugh all the way to the bank."

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