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October 15, 2002
WAR: Arrogance

Many's the internet pundit and blogger who has piled on Robert Fisk, the self-parodying dean of blame-America-and-all-its-friends journalism, for blaming the Bali bombing on Australia's support for the U.S. in the war on terror. I'd just like to add one more little dig, on this passage that Andrew Sullivan and Tim Blair both quoted yesterday:

"So who is next? When is Britain's turn? Where are Britons most at risk? Alas, they are scattered across the globe in embassies, on holidays, on every airline of the world. Our support for the United States an infinitely closer alliance than any support from France makes Britain the most likely candidate for attack after the US. Then there are the small, more vulnerable nations that give quiet assistance to the American military; Belgium, which hosts Nato HQ; Canada, whose special forces have also been operating in Afghanistan; Ireland, which allows US military aircraft to refuel at Shannon."

Canada is a "small . . . vulnerable nation[]"? Compared to England? And they say Americans are arrogant?

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