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October 16, 2002
WAR: Bali Bombshell

You'd never know it from the CNN, FoxNews and NY Times websites this morning (MSNBC, to its credit, is also on the story), but on Instapundit's site I found this link to today's top story:

A former member of the Indonesian Air Force has confessed to investigators that he assembled the bomb that destroyed the heart of Bali's nightclub district Saturday, killing at least 181 people, an Indonesian security official said Tuesday. The suspect, who is being held by Indonesian authorities . . . has not disclosed who ordered him to make the bomb, according to the security official. . . Indonesian investigators at the scene have recovered traces of C-4 plastic explosives, the national police chief, Da'i Bachtiar, said Tuesday. The police said the material was similar to explosives used in August 2000 to bomb the Jakarta residence of the Philippine ambassador to Indonesia, an attack that Philippine intelligence officials have blamed on a radical Islamic network known as Jemaah Islamiyah.

From MSNBC's account, taken from Washington Post reportage:

In past cases in Indonesia . . . whenever C-4 has been found in any bombing it has been traced to the military, raising speculation the explosive was bought or stolen from military stocks. The puttylike C-4 was used in the attack two years ago on the USS Cole in Yemen. Richard C. Reid, the alleged al-Qaida-trained shoe bomber thwarted on an American Airlines flight, packed explosives that appeared to be C-4 into his shoes.

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