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October 21, 2002
WAR: Crybaby Diplomacy

What with going to Mass and having small children, I generally miss the Sunday political shows. NRO, however, catches this priceless exchange between Tom Daschle and Tony Snow:

SNOW: You were harshly critical the other day at the Bush administration's foreign policy. Once again you said, "I don't know if we've ever seen a more precipitous drop in international stature and public opinion with regard to this country as we have in the last two years." Typically, people cite several things with regard to this. One was the Kyoto protocol, correct?

DASCHLE: Correct.

SNOW: You voted against that.


SNOW: OK. The International Criminal Court, you voted against that.

DASCHLE: That's correct.

SNOW: And Iraq, where you voted with the president. So on all these key issues, the ones that the Europeans are constantly citing, you're on the same side as the White House.

DASCHLE: Well, it's not necessarily the position in that legislative approach that I think is the concern. It's the attitude. It's the way that we have gone about foreign policy, especially, Tony, this unilateral approach to foreign policy, dictating on a unilateral basis what the United States' position is going to be and expecting, really, all these countries in a very autocratic or very authoritarian way to comply.

Bush, of course, has displayed anything but this 'attitude' in public - thus, the real complaint is essentially the unverifiable backdoor complaint of diplomats who feel 'dissed' - much the way Newt Gingrich did in 1995, when the NY Daily News ran a headline with Newt as a crybaby in a diaper.

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