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October 2, 2002
WAR: Mixed Motives

Just a guess, but: it seems from the things I've read, at least, that the one alleged 'motive' for war with Iraq that the critics (other than Maureen Dowd) have generally shied away from attacking is the fact that Saddam ordered a hit on George W. Bush's father. Bush himself has been somewhat soft on this one as a casus belli, since while it is obviously a helpful fact in explaining why Saddam has no respect for international norms, it's equally obviously not grounds for war by itself. Still, Bush did allude to it before the U.N. and reportedly got a little more emotional about it at a GOP fund-raiser over the weekend. For Dowd, of course, interpersonal and psychological dynamics are the only reason nations would go to war, so her interest in the question is a logical next step.

But I particularly suspect that the Arab News and similar publications, who love charging America with anything but its real concerns, won't make a beef about this argument, for a very good reason: to more than a few people in the Arab world, trying to kill a man's father is about the best reason for a blood feud you could possibly have, and the more people you drag into it on your side, the better. In other words, I suspect that many people in that part of the world are likely to view this as a point in America's and Bush's favor in having good reason to go to war with Iraq, not the contrary.

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