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October 31, 2002
WAR: Pigs

Bury Muslim terrorists in pig skin? Personally, I've been in favor of this for some time. There's plenty to question in Russia's war with Chechnya; there's fair grounds for debate over the wisdom of using gas that proved fatal to many of the hostages; there's serious room for questioning why the Russians had such easy access to what may have been a banned chemical; and there's no defending Moscow's refusal to give timely, accurate information about the gas to doctors responding to treat the hostages. But I can't fault Putin for preferring a raid and the slaughter of the hostage takers over concessions, and I've been in favor of this type of anti-"martyrdom" burial practice for some time. The Israelis have done this sometimes, as well. Those who sow savagery deserve to fear what they may reap.

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