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October 23, 2002
WAR: Terror Hits Moscow

Islamic radicals take hostages in Russia - if these guys are connected to terrorists outside Russia, there may be some credence to the (thus far speculative) idea that Iraq has been pumping up the terror offensive worldwide in hopes that fear of non-state-actor terrorists will distract the great powers from the threat of Saddam. The fact that the casus terror here is a domestic issue gives the outsiders cover, and the fact that it's aimed at Russia is well-timed to distract a key player in the Security Council debate. Well, except for the fact, as Instapundit suggests, that this will give Washington a chip to cash in with Putin: we'll look the other way while you clean the Chechens' clocks. Still, if you're reading the tea leaves here, the theory that Iraq may have motive to be behind the recent spate of otherwise unconnected attacks around the globe is a plausible one. To me, given Saddam's history supporting terror, that's plenty.
Meanwhile, in a not-unrelated story, more on the theory that Iraq had a hand in Oklahoma City.

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