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October 7, 2002
WAR: The Debate Is Over

Another link from the Corner via our good friend Larry, who asks, "Remember when the conventional wisdom was that, "Bush still needs to make his case for an attack?" I guess the conventional pundits were only kidding about that": the three major broadcast networks have decided that President's Bush's planned address to the nation tonight laying out the case for war is not newsworthy enough to air live. We lawyers love things like this . . . remember at the end of the court case in Miracle on 34th Street, when the Postal Service's delivery of "Dear Santa" letters to the defendant is taken as proof (via judicial notice, for you evidence buffs) that the defendant is recognized by the United States government as the one and only Santa Claus? Well, the networks have unanimously concluded that there is no more case for war that needs to be made to the American people. Haven't they?

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