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October 18, 2002
WAR: VDH Strikes Again

While the proponents of waiting for Saddam's threat to grow more imminent before we open fire are compelled to draw bucket after bucket of the same thin gruel of outdated sloganeering, untried academic theory and misguided idealism, Victor Davis Hanson is pumping in gallons of salty insight from the vast ocean of human experience with war. His basic point: we know we are at war, and we know Saddam is on the other side. Waiting for him to grow stronger and unite openly with all our foes raises an unacceptable margin of terror.

My only quibble is when he says that "Saddam Hussein is more dangerous to the civilian population of the United States than was either the more formidable Hitler or Tojo; for the latter to destroy our cities, they needed vast bomber fleets that were either nonexistent or impotent against the United States Army Air Corps."

As I'm sure Hanson, a military historian, is well aware, that may have been true in the spring of 1945, but it was only the Allies' rapid closure of the war that prevented Nazi Germany from gaining weapons of mass destruction itself. Granted, even a nuclear-armed V-2 rocket might only have vaporized our soldiers or the cities of London and Paris, but the specter of a beseiged and increasingly isolated Hitler with his finger on a nuclear trigger is one to give pause to anyone who contemplates the development of such weapons by paranoid and encircled despots like Hussein and Kim Il Sung.

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