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October 8, 2002
WAR/POLITICS: "Fraud" At The New York Times?

Now, commentators often accuse the media generally and the NY Times specifically of bias and error. The bias allegations are easy ones to debate, and the disputes about what constitutes bias can be pretty straightforward. Claims of error require proof that the paper has screwed up outside sources or something . . . there's often a spirited debate between the critics and the paper's defenders, sometimes involving the paper's reponse at the end.

This is different.

David Tell of the Weekly Standard accuses the Times, in so many words, of a deliberate "fraud" in its reporting of its own poll numbers. (Personally, I read only the opening of the Times piece when we got the paper - yes, I'm a subscriber, don't ask why - and found it tendentious on its face). Them's fightin' words, and grounds for a libel lawsuit if he's wrong. Read the article; this may sound unremarkable in the history of fights about the Times, but this one could really have some traction because it goes straight to the heart of the Times' page-1 campaign to discredit the President and the war effort, and the lengths to which that campaign will go.

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